Luoyang Sanyong Mining Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a supporting factory of Sanyong Luoyang Mine, located in 863 Chuangzhi Plaza, Luoyang Economic Development Zone, Henan Province. It is a mechanical equipment company integrating research, development, design, installation, maintenance, commissioning, sales and technical services of mining machinery products. Business scope: sales, design, research and development, installation, commissioning and maintenance of mining machinery and equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, hydraulic power equipment, coal washing equipment, metallurgical equipment, oil drilling and production equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, environmental protection equipment, reducers, centrifuges, instruments and meters (except medical), plastic products, castings, forgings, general equipment and accessories; Software development and sales; Import and export of goods or technologies;

  Luoyang Sanyong Mining Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has complete machining equipment, including large gear grinding machine, gear hobbing machine, gear milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine, gantry milling machine, grinding machine, etc., and is capable of machining large shafts, reducers, gear shafts, bevel gears, high-precision gear rings, crankshaft processing, wheel belts, ship accessories, chemical plant heads, mining machinery and equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, and environmental protection equipment machining parts. It can be customized according to customer requirements, and supports processing according to drawings.

  Relying on the advanced and mature production technology in Luoyang Mining Machinery Industry Cluster, Sanyongluo Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has cooperated with domestic and foreign enterprises to produce mine hoist hydraulic lubrication system, braking system, electric control system, transmission system, and coal mine crusher, screening machine, washing equipment and accessories. Supporting sales: hydraulic, lubrication, pump valves, pneumatic products, accessories and various seals in the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy.

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