Company advocate simple and harmoniousInterpersonal relationshipResist any bad corporate politics, make human relationships simple and healthy, and try to build a happy working atmosphere. We care for our employee life, encourage employees to pursue physical and mental health, enterprise support staff to carry out cultural and sports activities rich, let employees relax outside of work, so that employees can work hard, happy life.
Talents should have such qualities:
First, healthy personality. This statement may be comparedmetaphysicalSimply speaking, there must be principles, good and evil, clear standards of good and evil, strong sense of responsibility and goodProfessional ethics.
Second, high creativity. He must be creative, see problems, have a unique perspective, be creative and impulsivedivergent thinkingAnd the spirit of doubt.
Third initiative. Have higher subjective initiative, have self improvement and self development consciousness, less dependence.
Fourth, extensive knowledge. The enterprise pays attention to the talented person, must have the compound knowledge structure, this can guarantee the talented person to have the migration thought.
In these qualities, good occupation ethics is particularly important. Good professional integrity isprofessional managerMust have the quality of work, or else people will be assured that the enterprise to you to take care of? You need to know what you should do first and know how to do it. You must make sure where your responsibilities and goals are. The premise of all this is a healthy personality and sense of responsibility.
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